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There is an old saying, that it takes a special person to be a nurse. I would expand that to also include home health aides. Monarch Home Healthcare agency have an abundance of special Nurses and Home Health Aides, and it has been a wonderful experience to have been associated with such caring, compassionate and dedicated people caring for my husband.

R. Stevens

The gentle expertise of Home Health Aides made an enormous difference to (my husband). The Nurse and Home Health Aide were caring, flexible and most resourceful in delivering their daily care. Your staff was always there when we needed assistance and to everyone involved with his care, I send my deepest thanks.

J. Gray

The match between the Home Health Aide and patient was perfect. "An angel sent by God. She does the things I don't have time for. She just frees me up to spend time - quality time - with mom. She comes in every day full of cheer and life and it's wounderful" states her daughter. The patient intimated with a smile saying, "She cooks, she helps me dress and she's awfully good. I like her very much.